life without a car for 72 Hours

72 Hours Without A Car At Lingmoor Guest House

Roads through the Lake District

With this extra time available over and above a 48 hour stay you could enjoy a fabulous tour with mountain goat or super tours over one of the rural passes taking in all the lakes, ashness bridge and suprise view or Beatrix Potters Hill Top home. They operate whole day tours or half day tours. Alternatively, retrace your steps and pick up those bargains or treats that you’ve 'ummed and arghed' about.

Take a trip to Kendal and have a walk by the river or explore the small yards full of individual shops. You might like to visit the art gallery or museum, take tea at Farrer’s or lunch at Booths Artisan restaurant, they do a generous pot of tea and clotted cream scone with jam.

We could go on and on but hopefully you can see that there is something for everyone here, we must quickly mentione the art deco cinema with all the up to date movies or Zefferellies with their Saturday night jazz. We also have the old laundry theatre with their very many splendid productions.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope that you will enjoy a very relaxing special time amid the majestic beauty of the lakes and we, for our part, will do everything we can to make it so.